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Full Asking Price

Full Asking Price

  • Up to 100% market value paid
  • Walk away with more cash
  • Get rid of problem property
  • No need to drop asking price

Quick Cash Sale

Quick Cash Sale

  • No agent fees
  • No fuss, Hassle free way
  • Get cash and get going


Debt Paid

Debt Paid

  • We’ll pay your mortgage and costs
  • Fast and hassle free sale
  • Ideal if you have little or are in negative equity


SellYourHouseUK have 3 powerful purchasing options that will allow you sell house fast

  1. A higher sale amount; where you can achieve up to 100% above today’s market value. This sale often suits savvy landlords, investors, retirees and sellers who simply want more than they have been offered. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to sell your prop
  2. A fast cash sale: get a Fast Cash Sale for your property and move on. If you need to release your equity or cash from your property to free it up for your next property purchase, this is a quick and easy way to sell your property typically completed within 4 weeks.erty for the amount you desire, possibly even enlisting the assistance of several estate agents, none of whom have delivered a sale, it might be time to try a different way of selling. There is no point repeating the same system and expecting different results. Try a sale that is not reliant on sellers obtaining finance, and see how quickly you can get your property moving with us, and at a price you will love.
  3. Or we pay your mortgage, where you simply transfer the responsibility of your property today. Many sellers owe more money than their property is worth. We have a time tested system that allows you to simply and legally transfer over the responsibility of your property and mortgage to us, and allows you to walk away from a property within as little as 1 hour. If your property has no cash or equity in it, or simply represents bad memories, and you want out fast, there is no quicker way to get rid of a problem property.

Choose the sale option that suits your situation best and allows you to move on.

To see if you qualify for any or all of the above, please fill in the free valuation form to the right and we will contact you to discuss further.

Do you want to sell your house fast? Are you facing financial difficulties? Do you need to stop repossession? Do you want to sell property fast? We are the UK Number one fast house sale home buyers.

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